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Software designed for better in-home support experiences

The RouteThis platform uses your customer's WiFi-enabled devices to deliver diagnostics and analysis from their home networks to your support team.

Quickly identify, resolve, and support WiFi connectivity or smart home device issues remotely.


Service Provider and Smart Home brand customers


Countries serviced


Homes supported annually

Solutions for Internet Service Providers and Smart Home/IoT devices


WiFi support solutions for exceptional customer experiences

Our end-to-end platform for Service Providers optimizes installation, self-help apps, remote troubleshooting and technical support.

RouteThis Resolve


Smart support solutions for WiFi-connected devices

RouteThis Core and Self-Help apps simplify WiFi-related tech support with real-time visibility and troubleshooting of your customer's home network.


The RouteThis advantage

Our platform gives Service Providers and Smart Home brands the information and data to deliver the best customer CX experience.


World-class onboarding and implementation


Our highly skilled professional services and customer success teams can get you up and running in as little as six weeks. 

Gather actionable insights to drive growth

Actionable insights to resolution

Gather actionable insights to drive growth

We translate home network data issues into clear, actionable steps, so your customers and support teams know exactly what to troubleshoot.

100% home network visibility

Our CPE-agnostic app provides visibility into your customer's home network for accurate root-cause identification.

Empower your customers

Empower your customers

Empower your customers

Our Self-Help app allows customers to troubleshoot everything from interference to device-specific issues, without contacting support.

Scale with your business

Built to scale

Scale with your business

Our platform was designed to easily adapt to the size of your business and any technological advancements.

What our customers say

RouteThis has been an invaluable addition to our support team. We've lowered our AHT and RMA requests drastically since we've started using the platform. This is highly recommended for ANY tech company with users that need to onboard devices to WiFi.

Customer Experience ManagerRachio

We had our technician use RouteThis and they were delighted with the app and how quickly it was able to isolate the problem. We used the Live View video to confirm the setup and the scan to troubleshoot the network and discovered the firewall was the issue. This is something we would not have been able to diagnose using our previous troubleshooting methods and would have either tried replacing the wi-fi card or changing the console. The tech really liked it and asked if he can use it at home too!

Team LeadJohnson Health Tech

The RouteThis scans provide us with action items to solve a problem, much like an error code on a dehumidifier that helps us choose our next troubleshooting steps. Providing a customer with specific issues to address from a scan likely saved us a call back here, which is a major benefit of this tool.

Technical Product Support SupervisorAprilAire

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