WiFi support made easy for agents and customers

Today's connected households feature multiple Smart Home products, leading to WiFi congestion and connection issues. RouteThis simplifies the troubleshooting process for your customers so your products can work seamlessly in any environment.


RouteThis Core

Gain visibility and insights into your customer's Wifi network and receive step-by-step instructions to resolve any issues.

RouteThis Core


RouteThis Self-Help

Empower your customers to solve WiFi connection issues with a troubleshooting app, eliminating the need to contact customer support.

RouteThis Self-Help

Gain complete home network visibility

Give your agents the in-home visibility they need to identify home network problems more easily to resolve issues faster.

Actionable insights

Our platform turns data into actionable insights for agents and consumers to follow right through to resolution—so connectivity issues can be resolved, no matter the end user’s experience or technical aptitude.


Our software-driven approach ensures that you can get deep connectivity insights and self-help solutions without any changes or firmware updates to your devices in the field. This gives you rapid coverage of your entire customer base in just weeks.

Don’t just take our word for it

RouteThis gives agents a level of confidence to believe in what they’re telling people, which is really important. It’s a big part of managing those situations: sitting back and letting the customer vent, but then being confident enough to say “This is what you need to do.” There’s no guessing involved anymore. The whole platform as a diagnostic tool—I don’t know what we would do without it.

Mark BonnerCustomer Experience Manager, Naim Audio

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