Your customer's experience depends on their in-home connectivity

To outpace the competition, service providers need to ensure subscriber home networks support the service delivered to the home. That's where RouteThis comes in. With tools that empower subscribers to resolve WiFi issues directly and agent dashboards for real-time troubleshooting, our solutions ensure your team provides a flawless WiFi experience.


WiFi support platform for agents

The industry’s leading device diagnostics platform mirrors an agent’s workflow, including diagnostic tools, root-cause analysis, and automated troubleshooting—for quick and efficient problem solving, every time.



Self-service for subscribers

Put the troubleshooting ability of your best agents into the hands of your consumers with a user-friendly mobile app so that they can resolve issues right when they happen—without ever contacting support.

Self-service for subscribers


WiFi certification for technicians

Deliver flawless WiFi connectivity from day one with optimized in-home networks and certified WiFi installations—all while eliminating unnecessary technician visits and reducing demand on support teams.

WiFi certification for technicians

The CPE-agnostic way to help your subscribers

CPE has long been the answer to visibility into the home network. But CPE's fragmentation is far worse than service providers think, and often means that only customers with the latest gateways get the best tools and support. RouteThis skips the CPE and unifies your customer base for a consistent experience.

From data to action in one step

Networking is complex, and data can be tricky to interpret—and most agents aren’t experts. That’s why our platform translates diagnostic data into insights that agents can intuitively follow right through to resolution. This way, agents can confidently resolve WiFi connectivity issues for consumers, no matter their experience or technical aptitude.

A new solution to an old problem

Simply having access to gateway diagnostics doesn’t mean all WiFi connectivity issues end up resolved. That’s why RouteThis gets analytics directly from devices on the home network for the most accurate view into what customers are experiencing. This results in quickly determined root causes and streamlined resolutions—and less demand on your team.

Don’t just take our word for it

We are thrilled to add RouteThis to our resource toolbox. Now, we no longer need mile-long lists of step-by-step instructions that most users would likely refuse to follow. RouteThis will give our support personnel the ability to run through all the required troubleshooting tests—and diagnose customers’ WiFi issues—in record time.

Sebastian IvaniskyCTO, VTX1

It’s been great to see customers empower themselves with the RouteThis platform to resolve issues without calling in...we’ve seen our self-help stats increase from a steady growth of 25% to now over 70% usage; it’s been and continues to be a fantastic tool that our customers can use and, in many instances, alleviates the need for any onsite visits.

Steve O'DonnellSenior Engineering Manager, Trustpower

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